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Начало > Каталог товаров > Жесткие диски HDD > жесткие диски SCSI FC > HDD Fujitsu Enterprise MAU3036NC, 36.4GB, 15K rpm, Ultra320 (U320) SCSI SCA-2, 8MB Cache, 80-pin, 1", OEM (жесткий диск)

жесткие диски SCSI FC

HDD Fujitsu Enterprise MAU3036NC, 36.4GB, 15K rpm, Ultra320 (U320) SCSI SCA-2, 8MB Cache, 80-pin, 1", OEM (жесткий диск)

HDD Fujitsu Enterprise MAU3036NC, 36.4GB, 15K rpm, Ultra320 (U320) SCSI SCA-2, 8MB Cache, 80-pin, 1", OEM (жесткий диск)

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Полное описание и характеристики товара HDD Fujitsu Enterprise MAU3036NC, 36.4GB, 15K rpm, Ultra320 (U320) SCSI SCA-2, 8MB Cache, 80-pin, 1", OEM (жесткий диск):

Полное описание






Thirty-five years ago Fujitsu was manufacturing 14-inch drives for mainframes. Today we're offering you some of the fastest enterprise 3.5-inch hard disk drives in the industry. Because of our technology expertise and heritage, we can provide your customers with high-capacity and reliable storage options for the most demanding of applications.

Fujitsu's 3.5-inch 15K RPM enterprise hard disk drives offer a host of innovations: their 147GB 4-platter configuration means lower power consumption, better reliability, and higher data rates. These new enterprise hard disk drives dramatically increase speed and capacity. Additionally, they are equipped with 68Pin or 80Pin U320 SCSI interfaces and 2Gbps Fibre Channel.

This makes them perfect for today's most challenging storage environments. Fujitsu's hard disk product variations and accelerated performance allow greater flexibility for system designers making rack-optimized or tower servers, disk systems, RAID, or digital video systems.

But they're not only flexible - they're powerful. Fujitsu has substantially increased the maximum internal data-transfer rate on the hard disk drives, reflecting a 24% improvement over previous generation drives.

The time is now to deliver versatile, reliable, and robust hard disk drives to your customers for their most demanding storage application needs.

Model MAU3036 NC/NP/FC MAU3073 NC/NP/FC MAU3147 NC/NP/FC
Functional Specifications
Storage Capacity (formatted) 36.7 GB 73.5 GB 147.0 GB
Disks 1 2 4
Heads (read/write) 2 4 8
Bytes/Sector 512
Seek Time Track to track Read: 0.2 ms (typ) / Write: 0.4 ms (typ)
Average Read: 3.3 ms (typ) / Write: 3.8 ms (typ)
Full track Read: 8.0 ms (typ) / Write: 9.0 ms (typ)
Average Latency 2.00 ms
Rotational Speed 15,000 RPM
Areal Density 59 Gbits/sq. in.
Data Transfer Rate To/from media 147 MB/s
To/from host SCSI: 320 MB/s, FC: 2 Gb/s
Recording Code 32/34 MEEPRML
Interface SCA-2 (NC Series), 68Pin Wide (NP Series), FC-AL (FC Series)
Head Positioning Method Rotary VCM
Start Time 30 s (typ)
Stop Time 30 s (typ)
Buffer Size 8 MB
Physical Specifications
Power Requirements Voltage 5 V ± 5%, 12 V ± 5%
Spin-up 12V ± 5% @ 2.5A (peak)
3.0 A (peak < 100 us)
5V ± 5% @ 0.7A
Idle (typ.) SCSI 11.5 W
FC 12.5 W
Dimensions (HxWxD) 25.4mm x 101.6mm x 146.0mm
Weight 750g
Ambient Temperature Operating 5°C to 55°C (DE base 60°C max)
Non-operating -40°C to 70°C
Gradient 15°C/H max
Relative Humidity Operating 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Non-operating 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Max. wet bulb 29°C (operating)
Vibration Operating 0.6 mm (5 to 20 Hz) / 1.0 G (20 to 300 Hz)
Non-operating 3.1 mm (5 to 20 Hz) / 5.0 G (20 to 300 Hz)
Shock Operating 65 G max. (2 ms)
Non-operating 250 G max. (2 ms)
Altitude (operation) Operating 3,048 m (max.)
Non-operating 12,192 m (max.)
Acoustics Noise (idle sound power) (typ.) 3.6bels (ready)
Reliability Specifications
MTBF 1,200,000 hours
Component Life 5 years
Error Rates Seek errors 10 per 108 seeks
Unrecoverable errors 1 per 1015 bits read

A high-performance solution for data streaming and heavy I/O transaction based applications.

  • Features storage capacities of 36-, 73- and 147GB.
  • Provides maximum internal data-transfer rates of 147MB/s.
  • Includes 8MB data buffer for optimizing the overall drive performance.
  • Offers Fujitsu's Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) technology, assuring remarkably quiet operation.
  • Includes Ultra320 SCSI and 2Gbps Fibre Channel interfaces.

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